We currently offer 3 art galleries. We believe an original artwork can work wonders in every place and for everyone. Own an original piece, priced for every art lover.

Alpha, read aloud

Alpha series put forward large black letters on framed canvas. Each one offer a unique story through inscrutable phrases. Find yours.


Ultra black is our second abstract theme. Well no. It’s all black really. Black painting, perfect prop and light, it’s all, and it’s already quite moving.

Alpha +Z

Our third theme is a monochromatic 3D letter-based series as a mix between our two other galleries. Black or white, break the code.

By the artist’s hand

We handcraft type with love & care, as a start we have always loved design, and thought that an original artwork was the most personal part of any home.

Ultrapulp, art for sale

Tell a story that is uniquely yours. We sell our work all over the world to fine art connoisseurs, passionate individuals, small and large companies. Acclaimed by graphic arts lovers, our work is displayed in homes or offices by designers, architects and entrepreneurs.


Ultrapulp online art shop offer conceptual fine art pieces for collectors, B2B, office art, conference room, front desk. We focus on B2B art sales, as well as stylish private individuals. Ultrapulp workshop was founded to offer direct access to the art of design and its capacity to transform, bring joy and provoke thought.

Ultrapulp Alpha Ingenium. Estampe typographique contemporaine originale signée. La série Alpha emprunte ses sources à la littérature, à l’histoire, au monde des affaires et de l’entreprise ou encore au langage de la pop culture. Cette édition limitée tiré à part sur toile par l’artiste, utilise une grille et l’emploi d’intervalles inattendus entre les mots et les lettres pour créer une rupture de sens.


Read about ultrapulp adventure, meet us in our workshop, discover how we use etching inks or formulate an acrylic resin to bring each canvas to life.

  • We have collected recipes from a variety of sources, most recipes have been updated over the years. For a good even dispersion, we use a muller to force the pigment into suspension....

  • The canvas is where the artwork starts, a ready-to-hang wall art edition stretched on a canvas wood frame for the very best, so you can enjoy your graphic art for many years to come....

  • We selected relief process to execute the Alpha series with great beauty and delicacy. It speaks to a different part of the human experience than a purely digital print. Each piece is individual...