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Thank you for taking a moment to visit our contact section. We are pleased to provide an enhanced international shopping experience for customers in over 100 countries and territories, with support for many more coming soon. Ultrapulp’s customer care handles any request you may have.

Email request

Ultrapulp creates and curates his inventory and orders. If you have questions about an artwork you’re interested in or a recent purchase, you’ll need to contact us directly for help. So, wherever you are, whatever your requirements or budget, please don’t hesitate to reach out, and we will come to you.

Phone support

We offers English language phone support 7 days a week. To request a call from us: Choose Phone / chat support, select the chat. Provide your phone number and a brief description of your issue. We aim to call you back within a day of your request at the number you share with us.

Live Chat

We are passionate about delivering the highest quality with a warm, honest and professional service. We'll be delighted to help you on your request, so contact us, we would love to chat with you and help you make smart decisions about online art buying on ultrapulp.

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We're Located in (Mainly) Arty Paris, FRANCE