A ready to hang limited edition printmaking, for the very best

Following its use by most influential artists as Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse we selected the printmaking process to patiently execute the typesetting text based Alpha series on a hand press with great beauty and delicacy. A ‘relief’ print is a carving away of the whites of the image, which puts your image in relief, or raised up. That raised area accepts hand rolled ink, and then is transferred to a piece of paper or fabric on a hand press.

The Ultrapulp shop works without middleman, it can provide its creations for reasonable prices, in so many instances, the quality of the work beats out many a pricey offering from the average blue-chip gallery.

Focusing on state of the art techniques, using the finest art supplies, our creative studio has reached a hi level to execute in the most delicate way the Alpha original typographic series. Once you get into fine-art printmaking, what we’re doing is a unique typesetting allowing the artist to express himself in a way that is unique to the medium. Is just as unique as sculpture. It’s just as unique as painting.


From the art of typography…

Art with a story.

Until the Digital Age typography was a specialized occupation. The application of typographic principles and best practices developed over generations of skilled workers and professionals. Typesetting is the composition of text by means of arranging physical types to make written language legible, readable and appealing. The arrangement of type involves selecting typefaces, point sizes, line lengths, line-spacing (leading), and letter-spacing (tracking). Typography is the work of typesetters (or compositors), typographers, graphic designers, art directors, graffiti artists.

…to the Fine Art of printmaking

And reveals graphic Design before computers made it easy.

First of all, computers weren’t always around, printmaking is one of the oldest methods of mark making. Second of all, the artistic process of making the print forms, selecting and tearing the paper, inking the matrix, printing each individual piece, drying and signing each, is a very personal and tactile experience.

It speaks to a different part of the human experience than a purely digital print. Each piece is individual and impossible to reproduce exactly, though we do strive for that!

There are three major types of printmaking, and they are all based on how the image is created on a surface and transferred to a piece of paper. A “relief” print is a carving away of the whites of the image, which puts your image in relief, or raised up. That raised area accepts ink, and then is transferred to a piece of paper or fabric. Relief Printing is an old printing technique first used with wood and stone. Relief printing consists of carving and cutting areas of the printing matrix leaving a raised relief image.

Once you get into fine-art printmaking it also allows for more unpredictable and lucky accident that taste great.

Handmade printmaking mean random ink marks and lucky accident that tasted great. Although no doubt skilled, an artist lets the medium and materials take over to some extent as well. This can lead to moments of happy accidents, those beautiful unplanned and unforeseen passages of ink that are “given to you” without effort, as though a gift.

Unlike most relief printings, the Alpha series first require a typesetting composition of text, then – a matrix – is prepared into which a design of letters have been composed by the artist. The flat surface of the plate is rolled with ink in a thin coat with a hand roller and smoothly a piece of canvas is placed on top of the inked plate. Pressure is applied the back of the canvas with a hand roller press. This transfers the inked image from the plate onto the artist canvas. The artist then pulls the canvas or paper from the plate producing an original print that now need to dry. When it comes to paper, the embossed impressions made in the paper by letters blocks make a typical and unique relief.

Finally stretched on a wood frame

A ready-to-hang wall art edition.

Ultrapulp Alpha series is a ready-to-hang wall art edition, we go all the way and stretch our canvas on a premium 1″ artist stretcher wood bars. Check out our ready to hang art selection for the very best in unique, handmade pieces from our art shop. Incorporate original art into home or office space, whether you are moving into your first home or updating your décor for a stylish modern look, Alpha series printmaking are sure to set your space apart.

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