Alpha, Einstein


57.5 H x 45 W x 1 in (146 x 114 cm)

Etching ink on canvas.
Original signed small limited edition, off-print on canvas by the artist.
Printmaking, relief process. Framed, art gallery wrapped.

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Maurice Solovine, who came to Berne to study at university, knocked on Albert Einstein door to ask for physics lessons following a classified ad in the newspaper. The lessons quickly moved to physics and philosophical discussions, meals, talks until the early morning joined by the young mathematician Conrad Habicht. Soon they named themselves the Olympia Academy.

One day, Maurice Solovine, who scheduled to receive the Olympia Academy in his flat, missed the rendezvous to listen to a violin recital in the city. He left a frugal dinner on the table with this note “Amicis carissimis ova dura et salutem” – Hard eggs and a greeting to very dear friends.

Einstein and Habicht after they had eaten, turned his flat upside down, no piece of furniture stayed in its pace, chairs, plates, cups, forks, knives and books were scattered on the bed in a heap that reached almost to the ceiling. And last but not least, knowing how Solovine detested tobacco, the rooms were covered in smoke by Einstein’s pipe and Habicht’s cigar. Before the two men left the flat they left a note on the wall: “Amico carissimo fumum spissum et salutem.” – Thick smoke and a greeting to a very dear friend.

Signed small limited edition printmaking by the artist. Unframed art gallery wrapped canvas. This work will ships flat in a sturdy, well protected cardboard box, woodbox available upon request. You are looking for something specific? If you have any questions on this piece leave a message for further information.

Weight5 kg
Dimensions155 x 5 x 125 cm
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