Alpha, Hear


Point number five
45.7 H x 31.9 W x 1 in (116 x 81 cm)

Etching ink on canvas.
Original signed small limited edition, off-print on canvas by the artist.
Printmaking, relief process. Framed, art gallery wrapped.

Make an offer

A photo from the event shows Trump holding what appears to be a cue-card with the White House letterhead. Point number five is clearly visible “I hear you” that reminded him to offer sympathy as he met with victims and families.
It seems president Trump had to remind himself to tell the dozens of guests who had been directly impacted by the shooting at Florida Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which left 17 dead, including 14 children, that he was listening to their concerns. Answer hate with love, point number five, “I hear you”. This work is part of a triptych: I hate you, I hear you, I heart you.

Signed small limited edition printmaking by the artist. Unframed art gallery wrapped canvas. This work will ships flat in a sturdy, well protected cardboard box, woodbox available upon request. You are looking for something specific? If you have any questions on this piece leave a message for further information.

Weight5 kg
Dimensions125 x 5 x 90 cm
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