Alpha, We do well


We do well
47.5 H x 35 W x 1 in (116 x 89 cm)

Etching ink on canvas.
Original signed small limited edition, off-print on canvas by the artist.
Printmaking, relief process. Framed, art gallery wrapped.

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Corporate values and standards. What we do we do well, employees recognise their responsibilities as their shared this core values.

The idea of establishing and communicating corporate values was popularized by management gurus Tom Peters and Bob Waterman as they both came together at a two-day retreat in San Francisco to develop what would become known as the 7-S Framework, and authored the book in Search of Excellence.

Signed small limited edition printmaking by the artist. Unframed art gallery wrapped canvas. This work will ships flat in a sturdy, well protected cardboard box, woodbox available upon request. You are looking for something specific? If you have any questions on this piece leave a message for further information.

Weight5 kg
Dimensions125 x 5 x 100 cm
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