Ultra, from pigments to light

Carbon black has been used in painting since prehistory (40,000 to 10,000 BCE). Ivory black is the purest form of carbon black, at least 98% pure.

It is a common mistake to characterize the Ultra series by the black of his pigment, each work makes abstaction of the color to focus on light, invoking the poetry of light to bounce on the surface, the Ultra series literally use light as a pictorial material. Invoking black is to evoke the role and influence of light as a concept, as a symbol or as a mystic. At the heart of creation, black from where the light is born, offers a spiritual resonance, a metaphysical presence that forces introspection or meditation, for some of us, a sacred nature.

We have collected recipes from a variety of sources, most recipes have been updated over the years. For a good even dispersion, we use a muller to force the pigment into suspension.

Working on the ultra series our alla prima technique demand very conscientious execution. We manage to create an astonishing array of surface, using both home made tools, an acrylic resin combined to a wet-in-wet glossy and matte combination. At Ultrapulp art studio we handmade our acrylic colors, the process of making paint includes mixing the pigments through a Muller. This step determines “the grind”, or how fine or coarse each color becomes. Each pigment reveals different characteristics at different levels of grinding. Whether it is work-ability, texture or the color itself, the grind is determined by what brings out the best balance for each surface aspect.

Once the pigment and water have been mulled out into a smooth paste, the pigment is ready to be added to waterbased paint binder. These paint can now include, charge, thickener. This pigment paste can now be used on the canvas.