A little bit about the designer who brought Ultrapulp to life. Backed by a career of Art Direction with agencies and international brands. Frédéric Matuszek stepped-up from his background in design and naturally came to graphic arts, fresh ink and fine-art printmaking.

Ultrapulp is a privately owned and managed studio that focus on the fields of graphic arts and facilitate the relationships between collectors willing to buy original art online. Ultrapulp specialises in conceptual abstract pieces such as acrylic paintings and traditional relief printing, as well as providing works on demands for passionate individuals, small and large companies. We handles any request you may have, please leave a message.

As a Designer, Frédéric Matuszek focuses on graphic arts as a formidable field of typographic exploration. Alpha, a letter based relief printmaking art for sale series reinforces his graphic approach offering beautiful, expertly, contemporary pieces. Bio.

We love getting involved with our artworks so every day we can push it a little bit further. We have plenty of new concepts running and love working in our workshop to make those come to reality. Are you looking for something specific? Visit our contact section.

Time isn’t on our side, we don’t participate to art fairs, crowded, huge and confusing. We are more interested in engaging with contemporary artists, and constantly participate in workshops, trades shows or network on international art stage.

Ultrapulp shop is the best way to purchase original pieces online directly from the studio, we tend to offer an affordable online service with a warm, honest and professional service.

As we produce for our clients only, we can focus into earning the very best of talent and techniques. We can explore the most unusual and exquisite creative skills – always using the finest materials, methods, and state of the art techniques for each of our unique clients and work.

Creative Concepts

For clients looking for custom works we offer a full range of workshops and on-trend services that help with your company’s communication objectives.


We constantly update our creative concepts. We have limited stocks, each work is made to order within the week after receiving your payment.


We are passionate about delivering the highest quality with a warm, honest and professional service. We'll be delighted to help you on special requests.